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Design begins with the needs of the user. No design, no matter how beautiful and ingenious, is any good if it doesn't fulfil a user’s needs. Finding out what the customer wants is the first stage of what designers do. The designer then builds on the results of that inquiry with a mixture of creativity and commercial insight.

Although gut instinct is part of the designer's arsenal, there are more scientific ways of making sure the design hits the mark. These methods could combine market research, user testing, prototyping, and trend analysis and foremost, knowledge about users in real-world situations especially gives insight into their behaviour that lead to ideas that wouldn't have formed had the designer simply thought about the situation, or relied on generalised market research.

Therefore we offer the following services:

Pre-Design Services
Site Analysis
Design Development
Contract Documentation
Contract Administration
3 Dimensional Representation


Pre-Design Services
• Preparation of brief.
• Authority consultation.
• Feasibility studies.
• Selection and recommendation of specialist consultants.
• Preparation of Scope of Works.

Site Analysis
• Site features Survey.
• Existing Buildings Survey.
• Site analysis.

Schematic Design
• Authority consultation.
• Conceptual design.

Design Development
• Design development.
• Preparation of Town planning documents.
• Assisting with Town planning application.
• Authority consultation.
• Consultant liaison.
• Prepare design concepts for internal spaces.
• Prepare selection of materials and finishes.
• Preparation of Liquor License documents.

Contract Documentation
• Preparation of working drawings.
• Review shop drawings.
• Preparation of specification.
• Prepare internal spaces documentation.
• Prepare electrical and lighting layouts.
• Prepare refrigeration and hydraulics layouts.
• Co-ordination of specialist consultants.
• Preparation of Health Department documents.
• Building approval application.

• Preparation of tender documents.
• Calling of tenders.
• Tender report.
• Preparation of contract documents.

Contract Administration
• Attend site.
• Review builder’s other submissions.
• Issue additional information.
• Issue instructions.
• Administer variations.
• Attend site meetings.
• Issue certificates.
• Assess time extensions.
• Issue defects notices.
• Issue final certificate.

3 Dimensional Representation
• Conceptual Perspectives.
• Photorealistic Imagery.
• Selected Colour & Material Imagery.




ask r+ud     |     about r+ud     |     r+ud services     |     r+ud portfolio     |     team r+ud     |     contact r+ud

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